Forgiveness Purchased

Jesus made forgiveness of sin possible by paying our debt at the cross with His own life.

Marlon E Douthit

2021-04-02 1 min read

What a beautiful season this is! New life is coming out everywhere you look, reminding us that Jesus made a way for new life to happen in us! We, the human race, were hopelessly lost because sin entered the world, by our own free will, making us guilty before a holy God with no way to undo the conviction of guilt and condemnation. We desperately needed a savior, but none was found among mankind, until a little baby boy named Jesus was born in a little town called Bethlehem. Jesus, the Son of God, born of the virgin Mary came to us as the God man. He lived a sinless, perfect life before God with no guilt or condemnation. Finally, there was a man, God in the flesh, Jesus Christ, who was worthy to be a Savior for mankind, one who could stand in our place and take our punishment, paying the penalty and price we owed to God Almighty. Jesus made forgiveness of sin possible by paying our debt at the cross with His own life.

Jesus not only died in our place suffering our shame, sorrow, disgrace, and unimaginable pain, but he defeated the curse of sin, which was death, by rising from the dead on the third day. He is a living Savior! He is our lawyer or advocate that pleads our case to the Father. He does not plead how good I am and how I don't deserve hell, no, He pleads the blood, His blood that payed the debt already. So, when the Father looks at me, he sees the Son. Jesus took my sin defeated it by dying with it and rose victorious over it leaving it in the tomb forever! He became sin for us so that we could become righteous before God. He took my sin and gives me His righteousness. OH WHAT A SAVIOR!!! 

He didn't just die for good people. The very people that had ripped his beard from His face, spit on Him, place the thorns on His head, mocked Him, beat Him with a scourge, He looked at in love from the cross and declared, "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do." He died for me, for you, and everyone else. The Bible tells us "WHOSOEVER WILL MAY COME"! Please come to Jesus, YOUR Savior, now!

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