Fighting the Chaos

We need to look to Jesus!

Marlon E Douthit

2021-02-02 2 min read

I hope everyone is having a great new year! I understand that we are facing some serious issues and chaotic times in our country that are dividing the American people and causing a lot of heartache and anxiety. While fighting against the chaos, I struggle at times with bad feelings toward some of the people that I feel are responsible for the chaos and dangerous direction our country seems to be moving, but I must remember that the battle and fight is not against flesh and blood, though it manifests itself that way. We are fighting an invisible enemy, not Covid-19, it is Satan and his demonic host. It is easy to lose sight of that when we see people acting on his behalf because their minds have been blinded by him so that they cannot see the truth. They are deceived, and many of them believe that they are doing what is right. This deception is spreading like cancer (or a virus) throughout our society. The real enemy is working in the shadows and pulling the puppet strings on these lost and broken souls bound to do the bidding of the darkness.

The answer will not come through protests and boycotts. Those may be added to the arsenal as there certainly are some things we should boycott and avoid, but the power of the Church is not found in boycotts, lobbying, protests, and certainly not violence! The power of the Church is found when we get on our knees in humility, praying, seeking God's face, and turn from our wicked ways. We need to purge all the garbage of this world out of the Church and get our hearts in pursuit of Jesus, above all others. All power in Heaven and Earth is at our disposal. God has given us the antidote for the spiritual disease that is destroying the Church in America as well as our secular society. How long will we love simplicity and pleasure? How long will we hold back from turning our hearts back to God Almighty? We have the battle plan that will lead to victory. It is not outdated! It never expires! He is the same yesterday, today, and forever! The living Word of God will lead us to victory if we will follow His commands!

Look unto Jesus, the author, and finisher of our faith! Lift your heads with the confidence that our King will triumph over the darkness. Don't hold the Truth in unrighteousness. Repent and surrender all to God. When we come together under the prescribed conditions of God's Word and agree together with Him, we will OVERCOME!!!

Much Love,

Marlon Ernest Douthit

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